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I'm Thayne Cozart, but much better known by my pseudonym "Milo Yield" to readers of my mostly-humorous weekly syndicated columns "Laugh Tracks in the Dust" and "Viewing the Field by Milo Yield."

I operate as a one-man business -- Thought and Laugh Enterprise$,better known as TALE$, My business slogan is "Thoughtful Bull, Tastefully Slung" -- and I make every effort to live up to that high standard.


Milo Yield
2532 YY Road
Emporia KS 66801
Phones: 620-279-4345 (office) and
620-344-1350 (cell)
E-mail: htcsac@gmail.com




I've written about the funnier side of farming, ranching, agribusiness and rural life for more than 35 years in an effort to bring a smile each week to the fine folks who grow food as a profession (mostly without thanks, too often without profit), and to those who appreciate the agrarian lifestyle. Someone once told me, "There ain't nuthin' funnier than farming" -- and I have to agree.

Until June of 2009, I dovetailed writing my columns with personal appearances to entertain rural groups throughout the U.S. and Canada. But, I've passed the "lots of travel" stage of my career, so now I just write my columns from the peace and solitude of my little diversified farm -- Damphewmore Acres -- in the famous Flint Hills of Kansas, just west of Emporia, Kansas. "Milo" enjoys the place with his long-suffering wife, "Nevah Yield."

My columns appear weekly in FARM TALK, all editions of The Fence Post, the Rural Messenger and monthly in The Cattleman's Advocate.

I'd love to add your favorite farm/ranch publication to my syndication list. Just suggest publications to me and I'll send them some sample "Laugh Tracks in the Dust" columns and, if they want to make their readers laugh, they'll start publishing the column regularly.

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